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Game of Thrones 6×05 “The Door” And Photoshoot Updates

Thanks to Far Far Away for the Game of Thrones stills.



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If you repost anything from these photoshoots, please credit. I paid a small fortune to get these outtakes.

Gallery Update – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Thanks to the early release of the digital copy, I’ve added the HQ screencaps from the movie to the gallery. And thanks toMouzer at John Boyega Fan, I’ve been able to add the screencaps from the bonus feature “The Secrets of The Force Awakens” as well. Enjoy! I’ll be adding Gwendoline’s clips to the video gallery this week.



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Photoshoot Update and Addition

I’ve updated the EW photos in the gallery with higher quality ones with no watermark and added the cover photo as well.



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Gallery Update: Entertainment Weekly Scans

Thanks to Claudia at The McDonnell Rule, I’ve added the digital scans from the Entertainment Weekly Game of Thrones edition, as well as the photos, to the gallery. Enjoy!



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Gwendoline Christie Slays



PAPER – In just four years, Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie has become a leading agent of change in Hollywood. After exploding conventional femininity in three major franchise roles — Thrones’ Brienne of Tarth, The Hunger Games’ Commander Lyme and Star Wars’ Captain Phasma — the striking actress and fashion newbie insists pop culture had it coming.


When we meet, Christie is savoring her precious last days at home before being whisked out to LA to attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards. She still lives near the “beautiful old Georgian ruin” of Drama Centre London, her beloved acting school, where she was taught, as a 6’3″ actress, to shrink any expectations of glamorous work. “Part of my training was to always be in service of an idea greater than yourself,” she says over the phone. “But I don’t think actors can say, ‘I’m definitely going to change things.’ You can hope, and hopefully it will happen.”


It did: in her twenties, Christie tickled her agent with a pipe dream of ditching theatre for TV; a few years later, she’d muscled into HBO’s Game of Thrones as Brienne of Tarth. The outcast warrior soon became a fan favorite, and it’s no wonder: amid messy politics and corrupt patriarchies, her honor is as true as her sword. “I never expected her to be so loved,” Christie says, chuckling. “I just assumed people would champion the more conventional women.”


Since then Christie’s empire has rapidly expanded with her roles as Commander Lyme in the latest Hunger Games, and as toppled Episode VII: The Force Awakens villain Captain Phasma, rumored to bounce back in Episode VIII. Christie has even adorned fashion shows by Vivienne Westwood and Iris van Herpen. What’s driving her? “Every single person has felt either a connection to or alienation from what’s happening in popular culture,” she says. “And there’s something very pleasing about defying convention.”



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Gallery Update

Thanks so much to fan, Tanja, who alerted me to the new 2013 photos and sent me an addition to a 2016 photoshoot. I’ve also added more to the SAG photos including two photos from the after party.

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005 000002


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Gallery Update – Additions to Snapshots and a Photoshoot

Thanks to my lovely friend Jay, I have some additions to the LA Times photo shoot.



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Gallery Update

With the amazing Stephanie’s @ I Heart Jake help I’ve added hundreds of HQ photos from the London premiere of Star Wars as well as some additions to the LA premiere and other photos. Our girl was looking quite fabulous at all these events!




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**Thanks to a donation from Tanja!


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