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Marlowe's Doctor Faustus {2010}Gwendoline as Lucifer

The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, commonly referred to simply as Doctor Faustus, is a play by Christopher Marlowe, based on the German story Faust, in which a man sells his soul to the devil for power and knowledge.
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Cry Out by Theo Adams Company {2010}The Theo Adams Company are proud to announce the London Premiere of 'Cry Out' at the ICA Theatre on the 18th &19th of December. This epic performance tears apart power ballads, classical scores, queer cabaret and expressionist dance to create a truly 21st Century spectacle.

As emotional fevers reach boiling point, R&B Divas reach out to save your soul from oblivion. The feral orchestra shimmer below, underscoring each movement with songs that veer from optimistic euphoria to the depths of passionate despair.

"In the spotlight, your tears glow like glitter.
Be a superstar in the chorus.
Step forward, and Cry Out.
1 2
Hotel - Louis Vuitton Presents Theo Adams Company {2010}"Essentially a warehouse on the edge of Tokyo bay, Tabloid allows their hosts to completely redecorate the interior from top to bottom, and Louis Vuitton didn't mess around. The entrance through a leather corridor took party-goers to an antique fa├žade derived from one of the first Parisian stores. From there a retro hotel foyer with circus performers led to a maze of walkways with separate rooms. The Theo Adams Company, a contemporary theatrical performance group from London, integrated international actors, singers and dancers into a production part ballet, part theater, part pop" CNN
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Giantbum {2009}Gwendoline as Sir Boss

A play in which some medieval explorers are lost in the bowels of a giant.
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Breakfast at Tiffany's {2009}Gwendoline as Mag Wildwood

A lonely, struggling writer becomes enchanted with his neighbor: an independent young woman who strives to be a high-climbing socialite with a penchance for high-fashion and wild parties. But, soon he uncovers the vulnerability she has at heart.
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Skin Deep {2009}Gwendoline as Susannah Dangerfield

David Sawer and Armando Iannucci's satirical opera about society's obsession with staying young and beautiful. Richard Farnes conducts and Richard Jones directs an Opera North production from the Grand Theatre in Leeds.

It is set in the clinic of cosmetic surgery genius Doktor Needlemeier, who has a dark secret - he's concocting an elixir of youth. All he needs to perfect it is a contribution from Hollywood star Luke Pollock - but when Luke leaves the clinic only half the man he was, questions are asked and Needlemeier flees to California.
1 4
Shakespeare's Cymbeline {2007}Gwendoline as The Queen

Cymbeline, also known as Cymbeline, King of Britain or The Tragedy of Cymbeline, is a play by William Shakespeare, set in Ancient Britain and based on legends concerning the early Celtic British King Cunobeline.
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Pravda {2006}Gwendoline as Donna La Roux

Pravda is a satirical play by David Hare and Howard Brenton exploring the role of journalism in society.
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Mirandolina {2006}Gwendoline as Ortensia

Mirandolina is a comic opera in three acts by Bohuslav Martinů, with a libretto (in Italian) by the composer after Carlo Goldoni's comedy The Mistress of the Inn (1751).
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