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Vivienne Westwood's Autumn/Winter 2015-16 CampaignThis season’s campaign features actress Gwendoline Christie alongside male model Leebo Freeman, who together, represent the perfect unisex couple. Shot by Juergen Teller backstage at our Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Gold Label show in Le Centorial, Paris, they wear pieces from the Gold Label, MAN and UNISEX collections.

Vivienne says of working with Gwendoline:
“I met Gwendoline at our Red Label show in London. At the time we were planning our next Gold Label AW15/16 show- which was all about Unisex! In this collection the same suit can be worn by a man and a woman, then I realized Gwendoline would be perfect and would fit the clothes so I asked her to do it. She is such an attractive woman- when I asked her to be in the show, as well as the campaign, we got to know each other, she is a really interesting woman.”
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