Happy Birthday Gwendoline!

3 Comments on “Happy Birthday Gwendoline!”

  1. Ms Christie, wishing you a wonderful birthday, may you continue to enchant people with your talents. Your laugh brings a smile to anyone who hears it, your smile can light up even the dead of night. Your caring and generosity in your actions and thoughts inspire others to be like you. You deserve all the happiness that you bring to others.

  2. My last post I didn’t check to notify. This post is a little different. I have just written a book, but I haven’t published it yet. To me, if it was made into a movie Ms Christie would be my choice to play in it. I won’t tell the plot just yet, but it is what I would call a Modern Fantasy. There are no monsters, more of a drama/love story. If interested, when I self-publish it on Amazon, I will post more.

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