Where are all my women at? Getting better TV roles, ‘Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie says

When you’re a woman in Hollywood, there’s nothing wrong about being overworked. In fact, it’s kind of great.


That’s how Gwendoline Christie feels, who broke out with her role as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones, and has now taken on roles in The Hunger Games and Star Wars. And none of the roles that she’s in are exactly like the other — giving her the diverse edge that male actors always have in the film industry.


There may still be a gender gap when it comes to pay and roles, but that gap is slowly closing. Christie told USA TODAY why she thinks that is:

What I find heartening about it is that it shows the progression of the kind of characters that we want to see on our screens, the way in which we want to see women portrayed and I feel like the media is starting to catch up with what people want.



My V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) by Gwendoline Christie

English actress and model Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones, Star Wars) takes us on a very personal tour of the V&A. Along the way, she is inspired by a 19th century photography pioneer, gets up-close-and-personal with a controversial dance costume, and remembers one of Alexander McQueen’s most iconic catwalk moments.

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Similarities Between ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Game of Thrones’

By Laura Prudom


“Game of Thrones” fans are already familiar with Gwendoline Christie in her guise as the honorable Brienne of Tarth, but audiences are about to see a very different side of the statuesque thesp thanks to roles in winter’s two biggest films — the final installment of the “Hunger Games” franchise, “Mockingjay – Part 2,” and Episode VII of cinema’s most beloved sci-fi franchise, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”


For Christie, a classically trained method actor who graduated from Drama Centre London, the most compelling aspect of all three projects is their commitment to diversity, especially in regards to providing roles for women that eschew the traditional, often stereotypical narratives that many female characters are forced to follow in film.


“It’s great to be involved in three big franchises, but [they’re] big three big franchises that are looking to expand our consciousness about each other as human beings, and that’s very exciting,” Christie noted during a recent interview with Variety. “They are three enormous things — however, the quality of the writing and the concepts are very, very well developed and very relevant, so everyone seems engaged in the excitement of what these things are doing. All three projects are incredibly progressive, so it feels as though everyone’s caught up with the idea of that, and everyone’s dedicated to giving their absolute best and honoring the set of ideas and setting them forth into the world.”


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Gallery Update: Emmys Part 2

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Public Appearances > Public Appearances in 2015 > Sep 20: 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards – Press Room

Public Appearances > Public Appearances in 2015 > Sep 20: 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards – HBO After Party

Congrats to the Game of Thrones Cast and Crew!


Game of Thrones won four Emmy Awards tonight, at the live ceremony held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, bringing the show’s total for this year to an astonishing twelve awards! This demolishes the record previously held by The West Wing, who won nine awards in 2000.

Game of Thrones picked up wins tonight in the categories of:

  • Outstanding Drama Series
  • Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series – David Nutter for “Mother’s Mercy”
  • Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series  –  David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for “Mother’s Mercy”
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series  – Peter Dinklage, his second win in this category

Game of Thrones won the first eight awards for the 2015 Emmys during the Creative Arts Awards ceremony a week ago.



Gallery Update: First Pics From the Emmys

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Gallery Update – BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea 2015

In a weekend full of pre-Emmy events, Gwendoline attended the BAFTA Tea along with Carice and Sophie. They’re all looking gorgeous!


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